How the present your idea: the elevator pitch


Have you ever seen an American movie where the main character runs to the elevator, enters in the last moment while the doors close behind him and he has just one minute alone with his boss trying to convince him in order to get a raise or a promotion?

Well the Startup Weekend is pretty much the same, you won’t get a raise or a promotion but we will give you 60 seconds to present your project and convince everyone in the room that your idea is the best. Be quick, be clear and be inspiring and people will want to join your team and help you develop your project.


Basic rules to create your speech:

–         Be concise, remember you only have one minute so make the explanation as easy and clear as possible

–         Prepare, summarizing everything in 60″ is not easy and it takes some practice

–         Don’t use complicated words

–         Entertainment always works. Try to be original and avoid boring details that will make you lose the attention of the audience

–         Passion. Everything is better if you put passion into it so demonstrate how much you believe in your project

–         State your needs; tell everybody what profiles you are looking for to join your team. For example you can be a marketing specialist looking for somebody to be in charge of programming

What you should NOT do:

–         Don’t overpass the given time

–         Don’t give too many details

–         Don’t forget to explain your business model

–         Don’t forget to name the benefits for the consumers and invertors

–         Don’t promise results that are not realistic


You won’t be having any power point or other support material so put on your best smile, take the micro and conquer the audience :)


Here you can see a great example of elevator pitch (starting minute 3:00)