Barcelona Startup Weekend coming soon! Don’t miss your chance and SIGN UP!


From March 28th to March 30th, Barcelona will be hosting a new edition of the Startup Weekend. A worldwide event that allows entrepreneurs to get together and spend an intense weekend working on original projects.

If you’re not familiar with the event you can watch some of our videos and get to know us better.

So what can you expect from the Barcelona Startup Weekend? These are some of the frequently asked questions:

What should you bring?

– Laptop

– Business cards

– Ideas

And of course a lot of energy and enthusiasm :)

Will you present  an idea?

Not everybody has to submit an idea. By coming to the Startup Weekend you’ll get the chance to meet new people and learn from each other.  You can come and be part of one of the teams that will be developing the selected ideas.

If you will be submitting an idea keep in mind that…

You`ll have 60 seconds to present your idea, get the attention of your colleagues and convince them to join your  team.

– Introduce yourself

– Present your idea

– Talk about your target group

– Talk about the problem you’re trying to solve

– Highlight what makes your idea different

– Tell everybody what type of profiles do you need to create your team: designers, marketing professionals, developers…

Not all the ideas get selected

But don’t worry if your idea doesn’t get the necessary votes, you can always join one of the other  teams. It’s a great opportunity to learn and do some networking. Each team should be formed by at least 6 people and ideally all the profiles should be represented. The teams will be working during the weekend in order to present a prototype in front of colleagues and jury. The presentation will take place on Sunday afternoon.

What if the mentors don’t like your idea?

Do not let this discourage you. Their recommendations are only a guide and your job  is to try to make the best of your project.

What is the goal of the weekend?

Meet people interested  in  implementing  projects  on the Internet , you never know if this event can be the start of a new project. Learn a lot and have fun.


We know that some doubts might pop up and we will be glad to help you solve them. Please get in touch by sending us an email at , of course you can also contact us on Twitter @sw_bcn and Facebook.




We’re looking  forward  to meeting you!