And the winner is……Camp&Break!!!


Founder: Alessandra Graziani

Team: Aina Pascual, Joan Boixadós, Mario Berenguer, Mariajo Maroto, Nobert Rovira y Patricia Montero.

When I decided to participate in the Barcelona Startup Weekend I had basically two motivations: to receive feedback about my business idea and to meet other professionals potentially interested in getting involved in my project.

Camp&Break is a platform p2p that connects campers and land owners and allows them firstly to have a great experience through contact with nature; and secondly to get some extra benefits from their properties.

Before the Barcelona Startup Weekend, I had been working on this business model only on my own without having the opportunity to contrast the idea with other people’s but I was conscious how confrontation is fundamental in the development of any project. On the other hand, I was getting more and more convinced that my project couldn’t be managed and developed without the contributions of other professionals from different backgrounds, necessary to complement my competences and skills. Moreover, in general, I think that all the projects have to be worked on from a multi-disciplinary approach.

So when I found out about the Barcelona Startup Weekend I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to respond to my needs of confrontation and collaboration.

And it was, but as a matter of fact, it was also a lot more.

During this intensive competition I had the chance to listen to other people’s business ideas, to receive comments, suggestions and inputs from professionals with a great experience in different fields (business consultants, investors, lawyers, etc), to meet a lot of creative and motivated people, and finally to develop my own project thanks to the contributions of all the incredible teammates I had the chance to collaborate with.

Moreover as an architect, a member of AUS (Sustainability and Architects Association) and of Eco-Union (a non-profit association that promotes sustainable development),

I am used to working and sharing my projects in a kind of environment involved, implicated and sensitive to all topics related with sustainability. Consequently my participation to the Startup Weekend was an important occasion to present my proposal in a totally different contest and to validate it from a strictly business perspective, where sustainable values play quite a marginal role and are not take into account as a key factor.

Nevertheless climate change, resource depletion, water and air pollution, destruction of biodiversity and waste emergency are now definitely obliging the society to address itself through a more sustainable model.

In this context, my point of view is that any new business model should contribute to this change of paradigm and to the transition through a new, more sustainable model in the economic, social and environmental aspects.

Moreover after the era of the consumer society, with markets saturated by avalanches of products that had to respond to supposed and, often imaginary needs, supported by relentless advertising campaigns, I think that innovation is a way to rediscover authentic and basic necessities of the human being and try to answer to them through products or services simple to access and that produce the lowest environmental impact and the biggest economic and social benefits.

The idea of Camp&Break had been born from this mark of value.

On the other hand I don’t believe that a business model can be successful only with the support of those people who share the values it is based on.

I think that those values have to be a fundamental reference, but further than this the business model has to be worked on deeply from all the other perspectives: economic, financial, marketing, strategic, organizational, communicational, etc., in order to function well and bring together all of those important benefits we are looking for.

That’s why I think the best aspect of my experience at the Startup Weekend was the opportunity to join such an amazing team of incredibly skilled, creative and experienced professionals from such different backgrounds: marketing, business, communication, design, science and technology. Their worthy contributions to the project development and presentation, during those intensive 72 hours, have made it possible for my team to result as the winner of the competition. Warm thanks to:

Aina, Joan, Mario, Mariajo, Nobert and Patricia, I sincerely hope to continue working and sharing this project with you in the future!